Jen Kossin is a multi-talented artist with a focus on body art. With a fine arts degree in theatre, she has never been confined to a flat canvas and sees art as a moving, breathing energy. 


In 2012, she took her face paint out of the dressing room and onto the streets of NYC, where painting for tips quickly escalated to professional events. Some time later, she curiously picked up a tattoo machine for the first time and discovered an entirely new and thrilling realm of body art. 


Now, working as both a tattooer and body painter, Jen dances on the line between permanence and impermanence with an open, grateful heart. 

Jen is also an intuitive hands-on healer, and incorporates her healing practices into every facet of her life and art. With a bit of loving intent in her hands, her work takes on a whole new meaning, and her clients notice the difference. 

Aside from body paint, tattoos, and healing work, Jen is also a classically trained singer and actor, an accomplished scenic and mural painter, and regularly takes commissions of all kinds including custom made crystal jewelry and essential oil blends for emotional support. 

Please contact for further information on bookings and commissions.


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